Naturally Threaded Policies

  • Anti-Spam: Here at Naturally Threaded we make an effort to keep your inboxes as clear as possible. We will not over send or spam emails. To do this we will only send our Monthly Newsletter, promotions, upcoming events, or updates. These will not be sent more than needed. You are also able opt out of Naturally Threaded emails at any time.  


  • Copyright and Plagiarism: At Naturally Threaded if one copies our expression without permission, it is considered copyright potentially infringed. To avoid plagiarism, you must acknowledge our source, even ideas that are borrowed from our site. If you are caught doing any of these we will have to go into further action. This also includes our own work. Meaning, if we use any information from other sources, we will always cite our source.  


  • Accessibility Policy: We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website and in doing so adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines. 


  • Refund and Return Policy: This policy is currently under review.  


  • Expert Help Within Reach: You can ask us questions or express concern through emails or Chat with us pop up. We will then get back to you during business hours, which can be found on the foot menu of the website. 


  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Policy: Our policy within the workplace is to have a great deal of diversity including people of different age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, culture, and more. This among other actions helps create an environment for our employees to feel included. Inclusion helps make an environment where employees participate and contribute to the workplace.  


  • Disability Inclusion Policy: We strive to create a brand that is inclusive to everyone, this includes those with disabilities. Here at Naturally Threaded we understand some people don’t get catered to as they should.  

 We have created a policy within our company to change, fix, or alter any of our products to fit your needs. This includes altering sizes, changing materials, or anything that you may need.  

 We also offer to add a small symbol of any disability that is needed. This can be added to the sleeve of a hoodie, shirt, pants, drawstring bag, or any of our available products. 

 Feel free to make any suggestions to help us create a more inclusive brand. You can contact us through our Chat with us pop up to discuss any of your concerns and changes.